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These were the Delaware and Hudson, the Jersey Central, the Erie, and the New York, Ontario and Western. The Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad and the New York Ontario and Western built Round Houses and black smith shops for repairing their trains. These shops employed New industries came service learning reflection essay the city. Among these were the Dickson Manufacturing Company which made mine machinery, the Cliff Works which manufactured locomotives, the Scranton Silk Company now the Sauquoit Silk Company which received raw silk from Japan, cheapest custom essay writing soaked, tinted and wound the skeins on bobbins.

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The bobbin threads were then twisted into various thread groups, put back into skeins and shipped the weavers. The Sauquoit Company now makes nylon thread. The Lackawanna Mills manufactured woolen underwear, red and ecru, long and short.

They had their own button mill and their own box write my essay help factory.

The box factory today the only one in operation.

Capitol Records and Consolidated Molded Products are situated today the site the Lackawanna Mills. There were carriage shops which made sulkies, surreys and carriages for horse pulled transportation. As the industries grew new people came the city.

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By Scranton had a population.

Anthracite coal, or stone-coal as was called in the early days, was discovered about a gun-smith Christian Spring, a place near what now Nazareth, He was asked to repair the guns two Indians.

He told them that they would have wait three weeks as his supply charcoal was exhausted. The Indians asked for a bag and they went into the forest.

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After two hours, write my paper for me they returned with as much stone coal as they could carry. The stones produced much better heat than the charcoal. They refused tell where they had procured Their guns were The word coal was not mentioned any map Pennsylvania until when one published in Philadelphia had the word coal in two places. Pottsville and Minersville are now located what is a good essay writing service at the points which were indicated. One the first persons who used anthracite coal was Obediah Gore. He emigrated from Connecticut. Being a blacksmith trade, was interested in the black stones found the Indians. He succeeded in using the anthracite coal in his blacksmith shop after repeated trials. He believed have been the first white man in this section have used anthracite coal.