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The uterine adnexa were not enlarged. The erosion did not yield the ordinary method treatment.

I excised the eroded lip and closed the wound with silver sutures.

i need help writing a 500 word essay Union first intention occurred, and for what is the best custom essay site awhile the general symptoms were bettered. But soon the erosion recurred the posterior lip, and although was immediately excised, the former result was not obtained.

Dr. Wilhelm Fischel examined the excised portion and pronounced an ordinary ulcer.

The erosion thence quickly spread over the posterior vaginal wall, and in addition there were present isolated, sharply circumscribed white spots the mucous membrane, very vascular.

These spots were dry and smooth they felt soft, and their neighborhood was no more swollen or injected than the rest of the vaginal mucous membrane. There existed profuse secretion and great hyperesthesia examination.

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Menstruation was more profuse and irregular, and the anasmia was, in consequence, intensified. The appetite failed, the diarrhoea increased, the spasms recurred more frequently. The woman suffered from attacks oppression and from fainting fits, from great muscular weakness later the inguinal glands enlarged and became painful, and a crop furuncles broke out.

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Frequently ephemeral fever was noted, which was not always associated with the appearance of The vaginal best help on research papers professional resume writing services erosion, which was the only constant pathological local finding, resisted custom essay writing online all treatment, antiseptics, astringents, aromatics, caustics, alterants, heat and cold, dry, wet, and ointment tampons, permanent irrigation, without more than transient effect. At the same time, the interior the uterus was treated.

The white erosion simply extended. The general hysterical treatment, which Cohnstein advocated in case of thesis editing service exfoliative vaginitis, was not neglected, with the precaution, during its administration, intermit the local treatment. All sorts cures, baths, electricity, etc. were without effect. Frequently carcinoma and rodent ulcer were suggested consultants, but I could never detect anything but superficial changes, there being no infiltration or deep extension the process. I able explain the case purely the associa tion changes in the circulation and local nourishment accompanying Owing the great tendency and the ability the hysterical simulate everything, very difficult explain marked symptoms from the side the circulatory and secretory organs, such as haemoptysis, rapid discharge unchanged fluids, as milk, per rectum, and the like, the score perverted innervation, although there no ground for help on writing a personal statement doubting the action abnormal innervation the secretions, and the contraction the blood-vessels. The protracted constipation which witnessed in the hysterical without appreciable disease organs, the marked decrease in the amount urine secreted and in its concentration, these must accounted as sequela? the hysterical neurosis. In our case the conditions find their explanation in chronic hysteria high grade which had existed for a number years. A peculiar membranous exfoliation the superficial layer the mucous membrane has been best custom essay website described Winckel under the name colpitis gummosa. In a twenty-eight year old nullipara, who since her sixteenth year had had molimena every four weeks, help with scholarship essays and since her seventeenth had suffered from leucorrhcea, who at twenty-two began menstruate every six months, and had never had any ulceration her genitals, Winckel found the following The vulva was reddened the mons veneris, the labia not swollen and dry, the rima closed.