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It consists a submucous application of the ligating threads. Naturally has found few adherents. The same may said the method employed Blasius, who gradually tightened a number ligatures passed circularly through the vagina, as obtain a ring-shaped, constricting scar.

Most recently Carl Braun and C.

von Rokitansky, have again where to buy writing paper employed the elastic ligature.

But Braun noticed that the time treatment even for small hypertrophies was longer than that required excision, and that fever occurred once in The combination cauterization with mechanical procedures, the pincement vagin Pegranges essay writers review with a toothed forceps armed with chloride zinc, and the extensive cauterization with lapis, with subsequent suture the wounded surfaces recommended Joubert are only Mende was the first theoretically recommend, and Fricke, independently him, the first execute an operation for the retention of these prolapses. Since their time this method treatment has constantly Fricke's episiorraphy consists a freshening and union a part the labia majora and a strip mucous membrane between these points at the posterior commissure, thus constricting the vulva. But the pressure of the tumor was found too great for the weakened and thinned out perineum, and the operation itself was not much more valuable than Dommes plan uniting the labia majora means a gold ring.

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Yet has formed the groundwork for all subsequent improvements. Malgaigne soon gave greater breadth the median band which united the denuded labial surfaces and Credo, Keiller, Baker Brown, Kuchler, and Linhart have worked in the same direction.

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But as Hegar rightly says, all these modifications are only looked custom writer upon as improved episiorrhapies having for their chief aim the constriction the vulva.

On the other hand attempts were made freshen and unite the vaginal walls themselves, as narrow the vagina and at the same time form high column which would leave no room for a prolapse above and would oppose any further descent the uterus and the upper part the vagina.

Gerardin seems have been the first kolporraphy or elytrorraphy.

Occasional excisions the prolapsed tumor had been done before Stalpart van der Wiel, Medren, and others but only the hypertrophied mucous membrane was operated help with dissertation upon, and the operation was not methodically developed. The successful operations Heming, and Mem.

sur traitement chute uterus par placement vagin Ireland first brought kolporrapby into general notice. The former freshened the anterior wall the prolapsus tumor and the latter cut out a strip inches wide from the entire length the vagina, and united with sutures. Dieffenbach excised from each side the prolapsed vagina oval flaps the size a hen's egg, and united the wounded surfaces with sutures. Later advised the excision elliptical and pointed areas long seo content writing services wide and when there was great laxity the vagina a paper writing service cheap small segment the anterior wall was removed also. He also recommended another method the mucous membrane was denuded the breadth half an inch or more, and the strip extend from the vaginal entrance the collum uteri. No sutures were used, but the vagina was tamponed. These operations are for large vaginal inversions complicated with uterine prolapse. If the vagina alone involved, recommends that the tumor be seized with a toothed forceps, a strong ligature applied in front and then the tissues divided between the two. As many sutures as may be needed are applied the surface the wound. Though would prefer excise longitudinal areas, Dieffenbach says will more commonly There often considerable venous hemorrhage when ablate prolapsed vaginal folds, and a few small twigs vag.