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Schatz describes a case in which the organ was inches in length and breadth.

Diagnosis. If the bladder much dilated, will able feel it above the symphysis, even after emptying with the catheter as a hard tumor. Its boundaries may determined percussion, and the sensitiveness its walls the catheter and the examination the urine will reveal the composition its inner surface. We will almost invariably find the hypertrophy not simple, but complicated with some other To cure the malady must attack its causes. All hindrances the free evacuation urine must removed.

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If in spite this, urination still difficult, the catheter must regularly used and the expulsive effort saved as academic writers online much as possible means external pressure applied at the time. The use a good write my lab report for me ceinture hypogastrique service, as are also cold compresses, the cold douche applied the lumbar region, cold vaginal injections, cold sitz or sea-baths. Of course any complications which are present, as catarrh, displacement, cystocele, etc. must be simultaneously treated. The method vesical irrigation which have already described, enables admirably compensate for irregularities contraction the hypertrophied bladder, means variations in For irritability the vesical neck may use narcotics locally in the form vaginal suppositories, bougies and vesical injections.

Atrophy the female bladder may occur in consequence very great distension write my essay please and dilatation, but happens more frequently from that condition paralysis the i need help with a thesis muscularis write my paper in apa format which shall describe more fully under the head neuroses the bladder in Chapter XVI.

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Occasionally seen with a hypertrophied muscular coat, as in one our own cases and in old women may occur without any paralytic condition being present, the vesical walls being sometimes almost as thin as paper.

All three coats seem participate in the atrophy, and I believe that a cause the frequent occurrence cystocele in advanced life. This latter condition course only treated mechanical means retention or anterior colporraphy.

If disturbances micturition still persist, the use local stimulants, cold douches, catheterism, and the induced Clironic Vesical Catarrh in an old Woman.

Rapid Dilatation the Urethra Illumination the Inner Surface the Bladder with Rutenberg's Apparatus Great Mobility Mucosa upon Muscularis. Washing Bladder twice Daily with Salicylic Acid Solutions. Cure A woman years old, large sized and strong frame, entered my gynecological division July. Since her last pregnancy, years before, she had not menstruated. Four weeks ago she underwent severe bodily exercise, and began have pains in the vesical region, especially before and after micturition. The epr and hypogastric regions were very online academic writing services tender, the vagina was narrow and in condition senile atrophy the posterior bladder-wall how to hire research papers help a ghostwriter was very sensitive the touch the urine was pale and muddy, and contained a little albumen. A chronic cystitis was diagnosed. The urethra was dilated under chloroform, and astonishment I found that a pale bluish-red portion the mucous membrane forced itself into the lumen the largest speculum, making believe there was a vesical polypus. But I could feel none when examining with the finger, though I recognized then that the entire mucosa was loosened and movable upon the muscularis.