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Von Storch's interests but did not care sell.

They were able purchase other lands and down the valley. In they were mining coal the Lackawanna where the city of The first railroads built in this area were called gravity railroads because wherever possible the force gravity was used as power.

Write my book report

Like other railroads they were made laying down ties and placing tracks top the ties.

The ties this railroad were made hemlock and were laid ten feet apart. Upon these ties were placed the rails made also hemlock bars which were twelve inches high, six inches thick, and between twenty college papers help and thirty feet long. These tracks were fastened the cross ties with wooden pegs.

Bars iron, two and a half inches long and one half inch thick were put the top and inner edge these rails.

They were fastened the hemlock with iron screws help write my paper and were called strap rails. The phalange the wheel rested these iron bars, saving wear the wooden rail.

The cars that ran this railroad ran a four-foot-threeinch gauge they had narrower than our present railroad car in width. They were one half our present box car in length.

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An example the passenger type car that later ran the gravity railroad can found at Nay Aug Park, just back the musuem On the long planes, which there were five, the cars coal were pulled the mountain plane a stationary steam engine that supported the weight the coal, while two wheels placed in tandem let down empty cars that counterbalanced the weight of the cars. All cars went down the plane gravity and were controlled brakes. On the level the cars were pulled writing with a thesis mules or horses.

In some cases the horses became used riding down that force was needed make them pull the cars when they became stuck the down grade as sometimes happened when ice or heat warped the rails. dissertation help free On the short planes, counterbalance or horse power was used climb the plane. On level stretches ground, the construction the road bed was comparatively easy, excepting where narrow valleys were met. help pay to write paper me with a thesis statement In such cases, trestles were built preserve a level surface because the cars could not run one hill and down the other side narrow valleys. The whole road was made necessarily of levels and planes. When the surface the ground did not conform the level or the plane the proposed road bed, posts were driven into the ground and the ties were placed the tops the posts. This type construction was used for differences four feet or less between the proposed road bed and the actual surface the ground. Whenever larger differences were met a trestle In the early days, the cars were attached the engines by iron chains, but there were many breaks in the chains causing serious accidents that hemp ropes dipped in tar soon replaced This road was completed and continued in use for more than sixty years. The Pennsylvania Railroad later built a gravity road from Pittston Hawley way Scranton. It was patterned after the Delaware and Hudson.