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In two cases Chiarrs and two Eppinger's the round erosions present were found due the opening gas cysts.

Very commonly, as Eppinger has noted, the cysts follow the Tj ood vessels in their course. Nor was venous stasis absent in Chiarrs cases both patients had heart lesions.

Chiari concludes that the condition connected with a pathological change the lymphatic apparatus and that the gas-cysts develop in preformed pathological spaces in the lymphatic system, which are filled with a mass epithelial cells, part of which have been changed giant cells.

Chiari masters dissertation writers found careful examination post Hem the vaginal mucous membrane many subjects, Smallest Gas Cysts, and Fissures containing Lymphoid Cells.

Giant cells and proliferated epithelium. After Chiari. that lymph-follicle-like structures are fairly frequently found both in old and young individuals. He could generally recognize them as grayish points with the naked eye, and usually found them in the upper part of the vagina, especially along the posterior wall. They appeared almost always combined with a catarrh, and always gave him the impression a new growth.

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The small punctate central openings, into several of Giant Cells, flattened in Part.

After Chiari. which a bristle could passed, were the orifices ectatic lymphatic spaces. These structures were histologically help with writing research papers exactly like the gas-cysts, and were traversed and surrounded capillary passages filled with lymphoid cells. In a small percentage these cases Chiari found giant cells in the lymphatic capillaries. These investigations Chiari show the connection between the lymphfollicle-like round cell accumulation and the gas-cysts, and the relations both them dilated lymphatic vessels.

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Hence very probable that the not papillary but follicular nodules seen in catarrhal vaginal inflammation really are connected with the lymphatic follicles and that the online writing service formation gas simply a change which occurs under certain circumstances in the lymph follicles and the neighboring canals.

buy comparison essay Hence the extent gaa accumulation in the deeper layers the vaginal walls, though the original follicular write my essay custom writing change affected only the mucosa, and chiefly its more superficial layer Chiari inclined believe that the development essay editing uk gas and the giant cells may have a common cause in some bacterial activity. It is true that only have a somewhat far-fetched experimental proof of this connection. Nageli found, when experimenting upon the formation extravasations pay someone to write paper in doves, that out seventeen cases buy an english research paper where infection occurred with the wound, eleven had micrococci in the extravasation and giant cells upon the outer surface the clot. The giant cells were absent in twenty out twenty one cases in which the process was carried with perfect antisepsis. It true that cocci have not yet been demonstrated the gas-cysts, and Lebedeff the only one who has as yet brought the extravasation formation into connection with the formation gas-cysts. Nevertheless Nagelrs observation deserves further investigation in its relation gascysts, especially as venous stasis has been proven admissions essay editing Lebedeff, Chiari, and Eppinger the usual predisposing moment for the condition. Nor has the question as the origin the gas in the cysts found a decisive answer. Schroder i need help with my college essay first demonstrated its nature puncturing the cysts under water but its composition has not been ascertained.