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In Virchow's, Weigert's, Klob's, and Kasewarowa's cases the uterus was not affected. In such essay writing service law instances tuberculosis some other the pelvic organs never lacking the urinary organs, the intestines, the peritoneum, are more or less affected. In a case cheesy degeneration an ovarian cyst in an old woman, I personally saw a tubercular ulcer the posterior wall the vagina in the fornix. Tubercles in the vagina appear as small gray nodules arranged in groups a reddened base, thickest in the middle of the vagina and in the fornices Virchow, or else as larger elevated patches with cheesy, eaten-out base and steep edges Weigert. In all the cases since Koch's discovery the tubercle bacilli were found.

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In far as treatment effective further observations must show. Iodoform should at the present head the list agents.

Gangrene the vagina, when not the result pressure a foreign body or the fetal head, appears as noma. According Klebs not infrequently consecutive noma the cheek, and as diffuse gangrene, following, in general, diphtheritic processes the mucous membrane.

Frequently the etiology obscure, as in Obre's case, which Klebs considered an instance diffuse primary gangrene.

In such extensive processes the entire vaginal mucous membrane, with, the exception the covering the cervix, appears black, pulpy, and there are present superficial necroses in the vestibule or the labia. Pain, dysuria, inability walk, result.

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Fever not constant in a case which I saw, where the gangrene was consecutive the wearing for seven years a round pessary a woman fifty-seven, fever was entirely lacking.

In certain instances there profuse hemorrhage in Obre's case, a girl fourteen, the hemorrhage was fatal. The treatment antiseptics. In the cases have seen, frequent irrigation followed insufflation iodoform gave good results.

The use camphor commended. Under the term ulcus rotundum simplex Zahn describes a round ulcer with sharp border and red base which found in the posterior fornix a woman seventy-six. The borders, like the rest the mucous membrane, were pale, there was no induration, the base was hyperEemic and covered with a layer pus. The connective tissue was infiltrated with small cells, and the borders contained smooth muscular fibres in a state fatty degeneration. Colonies micrococci were present. The uterine artery and its branch, the vaginal artery, were stenosed a high degree, that the lumina were assignment writing services australia reduced the minimum, and a branch the latter, leading online thesis help the ulcer, was completely The ulcer resembled, according Zahn, the round ulcer the stomach, and states that this unique ulcer depended the cutting off the blood supply best websites to buy essays and the lack a collateral circulation. YSTS the vagina are rarities, although during the past few years the recorded instances have increased. They are found, ordinarily, as isolated tumors in the mucous membrane or sub-mucosa the vagina, at times two three in number, rarely more Schroeder custom essay toronto one occasion The site a trifle more frequent the anterior than the posterior wall, more rarely the lateral walls. In one case Bastelberger the hymen was implicated.