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As a secondary affection neuralgia the bladder occurs in almost all the diseases the bladder which have described.


The first and most important symptom cystospasmus the frequent occurrence cramping mba thesis writers pains and pressure in the vesical region, and especially at the vesical neck.

When the bladder full there moderate tenderness and the pain worst at the beginning the act urination, which may repeatedly unsuccessfully attempted or avoided fear. The urine pale, non-albuminous, contains no sugar, pus, blood, urates, or foreign bodies. There may large quantities though only passed drops. Occasionally the passage a metallic catheter through the urethra and into the vesical neck dreadfully painful.

Twelve years ago, before were acquainted with the method rapid urethral dilatation, I endeavored for months relieve an affection this kind in a moderately stout patient relieved for a time, always returned, until finally she left I suppose cured.

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I now believe that she hud erosions or fissures, and that the remedies which I applied in the form of bougies the urethra and the vesicollum, did permanent good, because they did not act long enough. I once had an opportunity convince myself at the autopsy a puerpera who had suffered from ischuria and intense pain catheterization, that at the neck the bladder there was an ulcer the size a pea.

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She had died septic peritonitis. Here also the cystospasmus was only secondary. The pains sometimes radiate in all directions, and cause excitement, fear, cold sweat, nausea, anorexia, and sleeplessness. If they persist, they may exhaust the patient and. actually cause melancholia.

Marion Sims Clinic Uterine Surgery, has pointed out that abnormal irritability the bladder occurs with vaginismus and well possible that the cystospasmus here clue extension through the upper need help writing a scholarship essay part the hymen into the urethra and the vesical write my research paper cheap neck. The attempt pass a catheter upon one these patients causes symptoms analogous those vaginismus. Diagnosis. If the urine normal, the urethra healthy if there are no abnormalities detectable buy paper online in the blood help with college essay online help writing a personal statement supply or texture any part of the vesical wall when examined with the finger need to write an essay in one day and with the eye if after specular dilatation the urethra the anterior vesical wall has been examined with Kutenberg's speculum and found normal then and then only can diagnose a primary spasm the bladder. For not one of the above-mentioned symptoms pathognomonic. Prognosis. Spasm the bladder may last for months and years, and though dissertation writing services reviews best paraphrasing online not dangerous, exceedingly troublesome. If not too long standing the prognosis fair and even in the worst cases can usually Therapy. If possible, remove the causes excise the hymen in vaginismus, forbid sexual intercourse, order hot foot baths, stop the use wine, beer, and tea, and seek allay vesical irritability the use almond milk, one wineglassful three times daily. At the beginning local opiates will render most service and is best give at once a £th grain morphine injection in the skin the vesical region.