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He must one of those country peasants who were accustomed salute Do you think will die, Seno Marque? It feared, unless a miracle saves him. He is And the Marquis, placing his right hand the shoulder the unknown man, seemed pleased the sorrow Gallardo's return his house was most painful.

Inside the patio were heard cries despair, and outside other women, friends and neighbours Juaniyo, paraphrasing sources were screaming and tearing their hair, thinking him already The litter was carried into a room off the patio, and the espada with the greatest care was lifted a bed. He was wrapped in bloody cloths and bandages smelling antiseptics, his fighting dress retained nothing but one pink stocking, and his under garments were all torn help writing college essays or cut with scissors.

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His pigtail hung unplaited and entangled his neck, and his face was as pale as a wafer.

He opened his eyes slightly, feeling a hand slipped into his, and saw Carmen, a Carmen as pale as himself, dry-eyed and terrified. The friends the torero prudently intervened. She must remember the wounded man had only received first aid, and a great deal remained for the doctors The wounded man made a sign with his eyes EI Nacional, who leaned over him catch the slight murmur. Juan says murmured, going out into the patio, would like Doctor Ruiz sent for.

'Tt already done, said the manager, pleased with thesis writing practice his prevision. He had telegraphed at once when knew the importance the accident, and had no doubt but that Doctor Ruiz was already the way and would arrive the following morning.

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After their first bewilderment, the doctors were more hopeful.

It was possible might not die.

He had such a splendid constitution and such energy. What was most dreaded was the terrible shock, which would have killed most men instantaneously, but had recovered consciousness, although writing and editing services the weakness was great.

As far as the wounds were concerned, they did not think them dangerous.

That the arm was not much, though was possible the limb might less agile than before. The hurt the leg did not offer equal hopes, the bones were fractured, and probably Gallardo would Don Jose, who had endeavoured keep calm, when hours before had thought the espada's need help with paper death inevitable, quite broke down. His matador lame ! Then would He was furious at the calm with which the doctors spoke the possibility Gallardo becoming useless as That could not Do you think logical that Juan should live and not writing dissertation proposal fight?. Who would fill his place? I tell you, cannot be! The first man in the world!. And you want him retire! He spent the night watching with the men the cuadrilla and Gallardo's brother-in-law, and next morning early went the station meet the Madrid express. It arrived and with Dr. Ruiz. He came without any luggage, as carelessly dressed as ever, smiling behind his yellowish beard, bobbing along in his loose coat, with the swinging his little short legs and his big As entered the house, the torero, who seemed sunk in the extreme weakness, opened his eyes, reviving with a smile confidence. After Ruiz had listened in a comer the other doctors opinions and explanations, he Courage, lad this will not finish you ! You have And then added, turning his colleagues See what a magnificent animal this Juanillo essay writing help for high school students ! Another one now, would not giving any work.