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The really important thing was live that the family should quiet and happy, and earn the public's money without any foolhardiness, which On the following days recognized the necessity of showing himself, and talking with his friends in the people's online research paper writer cafes and in the clubs the Calle las Sierpes. He thought that his presence would impose a courteous silence evil speakers, and cut short commentaries on his fiasco. He spent whole afternoons amid the poorer afficionados whom had neglected for long, while cultivated the friendship the richer class. Afterwards went the Forty-five, where his manager was enforcing his opinions shouts and thumps, maintaining as ever the superiority Gallardo.

Excellent Don Jose! His enthusiasm was immutable, bomb proof.

It never could occur him that his matador could possibly cease as had always been. He did not oifer a single criticism his fiasco the contrary, himself endeavoured find excuses, minghng with them the comfort his good advice. You still feel your cogida. What I say You ill all see him, when quite cured, and then you will give news him. Do as you did formerly.

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Go straight the bull with that courage which has given you, and Zas ! plunge the blade in the cross Gallardo assented with an enigmatic smile. Put the bulls in his pocket! He wished for nothing better.

But ay! lately they had become big and intractable ! They had grown enormously since last trod Gambling was Gallardo's consiJation, making him forget his anxieties for the moment and with fresh energy returned the green table lose his mone, sur rounded his former friends, who did not care in the least about personal statement essay help his failures as long as was an elegant One night they all went supper at the inn at Eritana, a festivity given in honour some foreign ladies gay life, with whom some the young men had become acquainted in Paris.

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They had come Seville in order see the festival the Holy Week and the fair, and were anxious see all that was most picturesque in the place.

Consequently they wished become acquainted with the celebrated torero, the most elegant all the espadas, that Gallardo whose portrait they had often admired in popular prints and the tops match-boxes.

The gathering was held in the large dining-room of Eritana, a pavilion in the gardens, decorated in extremely bad taste professional dissertation writing service with vulgar imitations the Moorish splendours the Alhambra.

Gallardo was greeted as a demigod these three women, who, ignoring their other friends, quarrelled for the honour sitting beside him.

In a way they reminded him the absent one, with their need help on writing a essay golden hair and elegant dresses, and their all-pervading perfumes The presence his friends helped make the remembrance still more vivid. All were friends Dona Sol, many even belonged her family, and had come They all ate and drank with that almost savage voracity usual at nocturnal feasts, where every one goes with the fullest intention exceeding in everything, can need help writing essays someone write my essay for me a gipsy band stationed at the further end the room intoning their somewhat melancholy songs, varied by sprightly cheap assignment writing help dance music, added the general hilarity. By midnight ghostwriter services all were more or less tipsy, but Gallardo in his cups was sad and gloomy. Ay! for that other one. for the real gold her hair ! The golden hair these women was artificial, their skin was thick and coarse, hardened cosmetics, and through all their perfumes his imagination detected an atmosphere innate vulgarity. Ay! for that other one. that other one. Gallardo drank deeper and deeper, and the women who had quarrelled for a place his side, finding him dull and unresponsive, now turned their backs with insulting taunts his gloom.