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It proper mention in this connection the irregular ligamentous bridges which originate in the vagina from the adhesion detached folds vaginal or cervical mucous membrane. phd thesis search Occasionally find cheapest custom essays pessaries which have been worn for years, and which have caused ulceration, more or less imbedded and fixed granulation and cicatricial tissue, and these bands above mentioned. When there are no such foreign bodies, the bands are important from the tension and injury they may subjected during coitus and childbirth.

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In one cases, there was a broad fleshy band. inches long and.

inch broad, which extended from the anterior lip the uteri the left side the vagina.

It was inserted. inches from the introitus and formed a serious obstacle intercourse. It occurred in a woman twenty-two years old, after her first confinement.

Division the bridge, which was very vascular, and required a few sutures, easily relieved her.

HE great distensibility and mobility the vagina permits undergo both dilatation and displacement neighboring organs a very great extent, without interfering with the integrity its attachments.

Hence vaginal displacements not possess the importance which thesis proposal writing service attaches dislocations other organs.

We would refer the reader to the introductory chapter for an anatomical description these attachments. Pathological dislocations the vagina depend upon a change in the normal fixation the organ, and form, as Klob has rightly insisted upon, projections the vaginal walls into its lumen.

They may primary school report writing help affect the anterior or the posterior wall, or the whole circumference.

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In consequence the intra-abdominal pressure and the lesser resistance anteriorly, they will always lead either descensus or prolapse, in accordance with whether the projection remains within the vulva or protrudes from The conditions which influence vaginal dislocation are more or less connected with those that cause prolapsus uteri.

They consist the one hand a loosening the anatomical fixation bands, which are the predisposing conditions, and the other hand a force which acts either as a pressure from above or a traction from below. Pregnancy and childbirth especially cause loosening the vaginal supports. The increase in vascularization and in mass the vagina, the disappearance fat from thesis writing software the perrvaginal connective tissue, the venous stasis the last month gravidity.all these concur affect an anatomical predisposition, which immensely increased the process birth, with its acute tissue-loosening and immense vaginal dilatation. And when the child's head passes through the lowest portion the vagina and the labia, the least mobile portion the vagina stretched and torn, buy a custom research paper and the relaxation the perineal vaginal support pushed its utmost In a somewhat similar way voluminous uterine polypoid fibromyomata may fill the vagina and cause such a loosening the attachments that organ that descent and prolapse may very marked after the growth has been extirpated. Other influences also, such as frequent tension and distension coitus, persistent pressure bladder, rectum, uterus, tumors the true pelvis, or fluid accumulations, etc. may bring about the same In extreme old age and in marantic conditions the loosening attachments may occur from the disappearance the fat in the pelvic connective tissue and the atrophy the muscular structures academic essay writer the floor doctoral dissertations online of Prolapse vagina and uterus are extremely rare in undeveloped girls. Examples have, however, been seen in very early life, as the following two cases, which I have seen myself, will show. In one, which I saw at the Prague Foundling Asylum, a girl a few weeks old had a ring-shaped vaginal prolapse, which was easily replaceable with the finger through the exceptionally large introitus vaginae. As soon as the child cried reappeared.