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Two recent cases observed at Tubingen Neudorffer, Tueffel belong here.

Unfortunately, however, perforation at this point causes the relief obtained from the hsematometra but a temporary one.

The patient Schematic frontal Section Pyojietra and Pyokolpos lat. remains exposed the dangers pyometra and pyokolpos, as I first proved in two cases own.

This occurred phd no thesis from the appearance a purulent catarrh the mucous membrane the utero-vaginal space. The necessary conditions are a partial stagnation the retained blood and an imperfect outflow from the small orifice in the septum cerv. Purulent decomposition manifestly begins in the open side. When purulent catarrh has once set in, the retained secretion causes still further dilatation and explains the obstinacy the process.

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As the pus accumulates the tumor enlarges until finally an abundant flow matter comes from the cervix and the vagina the patent side.

Immediately dissertation editing services reviews the patient feels relieved.

But the sac soon refills, and the pus in the course time becomes thin and very foul-smelling. The patient loses flesh from the constant loss, and the attacks pain and the evacuation the malodorous pus annoy both the sick woman and her friends.

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More than this Arch., and Correspondenzblatt fur Schweitzer Aerzte, A number serious dangers threaten the patient from extension resume writing service the inflammation the tube, from ulceration the diseased mucous membrane, from the development pelvio-peritonitic abscesses, and from the secondary consequences these occurrences.

The lesions found by Kokitansky and Wrung post-mortem bear out this opinion. Neither case was diagnosed during tbe patient's life. The latter one occurred in Seyfert's clinic, and Siixinger has lately completed the description it given Neudorfer in his dissertation a careful history. Its entire clinical aspect that a pyometra lateralis.

We can only designate the prognosis cases hoematometra and hgematokolpos, which are left themselves, as unfavorable, even n spontaneous perforatio septi and evacuation occurs. Pyometra and pvokolpos regularly set in, and bring renewed danger the patient. These cases, therefore, always require artificial service essays aid. The diagnosis unilateral vaginal atresia connected intimately with that unilateral hasmato or pyometra with retention. As Veit remarks, not difficult when once fully appreciate the possibility custom essay service the occurrence the abnormality, and remember that the symptoms are those, of hsematometra with flowing menses. The anamnesis will reveal the characteristic symptom menstrual colics during the formation the lateral and vaginal tumor. If there pyometra and pyokolpos lat. our patients will tell that after the above-mentioned troubles have been present for some time, there suddenly occurred an evacuation blood.