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It had a profuse foul i need help writing a 500 word essay vaginal dis charge, and occasionally a tumor the size half a finger appeared at the introitus vaginae. On one occasion a body the size a small apple had been expelled with hemorrhage three days duration.

Attempt had been made rape the child about five months previously, from which date the mother dated its complaint. From the vulva hung two bodies like mucus polypi, pediculated from the posterior hymeneal border. On bearing down there essay homework help online appeared at the introitus a still larger tumor, with ulcerated surface, distending the vagina and sessile the anterior wall. There existed in addition a number polypoid need help writing a research paper excrescences, like hydatids, occupying english proofreading online various portions the mucous membrane custom paper and readily separable. These masses were curetted away with but slight hemorrhage.

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A few weeks afterwards examination under anaesthesia revealed article rewriting services a number the same polypoid excrescences.

The broad ligaments were thickened, and dense masses occupied the custom essays writing recto-vaginal septum. The curette custom written term papers was used again. Microscopically the masses proved typical roundcelled sarcoma. The child died in four months after Sanger first saw Hauser's Case.

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The child was healthy parentage.

At the age of six months, crying or bearing down, a tumor the size a bean Avould appear at the vulva at the ninth month had coursework writing services attained the size a walnut, and remained external, where soon ulcerated and caused great pain.

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In April, was removed the family attendant in five months had recurred in October, was again extirpated and recurred in four months, and grew rapidly. In January, the child was taken the Erlangen clinic, and the tumor was the size a medium-sized pear.

The child's general condition was good. Zweifel removed as much as could without injuring the bladder, and chloride zinc was applied its base.

On the sixth day there was recurrence. The curette was used and the little one need help writing a scholarship essay discharged January, online paper writing services In April she returned the clinic, and the tumor was the size of a walnut and ulcerated. It was easily removed without hemorrhage. The vagina was enormously distended with soft papillary excrescences, which were readily removed. The patient was discharged in six days, but in May Hauser again noted recurrence. The case was then lost sight Microscopic examination proved a round and spindle-celled The diagnosis can only made the microscope. The prognosis, hence, cannot stated before extirpation.