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The war novels, including The Four Horsemen and the epic Mare Nostrum, would seem form another group.

Such non-literary diversions as grouping and regrouping, however, had perhaps best be left those who relish the task. It for the present more important note that the passionate flame a deeply human purpose welds the man's literary labors into a larger unity. His pen, as his person, has been given over humanity. He as fearless in his denunciation evil as powerful in his description has lived his ideas as well as fashioned them into enduring documents reveals not only a new While Blasco Ibafiez does not desire known as regional novelist nor does a complete view his numerous works justify such a narrow description he has nevertheless in his earlier books made such effective and artistic use regional backgrounds that some critics have found this part his production best. help in writing essay Speaking from the standpoint durable literary art, I inclined such a view.

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Yet there less humanitarian impulse in The Four Horsemen than in these earlier masterpieces? Whether Blasco Ibanez's background a corner in Valencia, a spot the island Majorca, a battlefield in France, or Our Sea the Mediterranean, the cradle dltk custom writing paper of civilization, his real stage the human heart and his Upon his election the Cortes, Spain's national parliamentary assembly, Blasco Ibafiez naturally turned, in his novels, a consideration poHtical and social themes. Beginning with La Catedral The Shadow of the Cathedral, one the most powerful modem documents its kind, took in successive novels the treatment such vital subjects as the relation hospital State, the degrading and backward influence of drunkenness, the problem the Jesuits, the brutality and psychology the bull-fight. In all these works the writer characterized fearlessness, passion and even vehemence, yet his ardor not strong as lead him into conscious unfairness. A fiery advocate the lowly, yet can cast their shortcomings into their teeth they, in their ignorance, are accomplices in their own degradation, partners in the crimes that oppress them. They slay the leaders whom they misunderstand they are slow organize for the purpose bursting their shackles.

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This appears in La Barraca one the so-called regional novels no less than in La Catedral, La Bodega and other books the more purely sociological series.

In varying degree, applied a nation rather than a class, this fearless attitude evident in Los Cuatros pnetes del Apocalipsis and Mare Nostrum, in which assailed the neutrality Spain during the late and unlamented conflict. This unflinching determination see the truth and state also discernible in a most personal manner the sad inability such noble spirits as Gabriel Luna La Catedral or Fernando Salvatierra La Bodega solace themselves with a belief in future life perhaps an exteriorization the author's own views, even as these revolutionary spirits are, in custom thesis writing part, In the bulk the noted Spaniard's books there is waged, both a large scale and a small, the ceaseless, implacable struggle the new against the old. This eternal battle early formed an appreciable part even the writer's short fiction.

His old seamen look with scorn upon the steam-vessels that replace their beloved barks his vintners regret the passing the good old days when sherry sold high and had not yet been ousted from the market cheap, new-fangled concoctions his toilers begin rebel against ecclesiastical authority some his heroes are even capable falling in love with Jewesses or with women below their station Luna Benamor, Los Muertos Mandan everywhere the fermentation transition. His protagonists, redblooded, vigorous, determined, usually fail at the end, but if there are victories that spell failure, are there failures that spell victory. It the clash these ancient university assignment writing services and modem forces that strikes academic writing helper the spark which ignites the author's passion. He with the new and yet rises above blind partisanship. His dominant figures, chiefly men, are representative the Spain to-morrow not that manana which has long and often unjustly been a standing reproach Iberian procrastination, but a to-morrow rebirth, rededication to lofty ideals and glowing realities.

In Sangre Arena Blood and Sajid, written Blasco Ibafiez attacks the Spanish national sport. With characteristic thoroughness, approaching his subject from the psychological, the historical, the national, the humane, the dramatic and narrative standpoint, he evolves another his notable documents, worthy a place among the great tracts literary history. His process, like his plot, simple whether attacking the hospital or the evils drink, or the bloodlust the bull ring, his methods are usually the same. He provides a protagonist who shall serve as the vehicle or symbol of his ideas, surrounding him with minor personages intended serve as a foil or as a prop. He fills in the background with all the wealth descriptive and coloring powers at his buy custom research paper online command and these powers are as highly developed in Ibafiez, I believe, as in any living writer.