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The papillae are enlarged, the broader and higher ones often reaching almost the surface. In the epithelium there form pretty distinctly limited groups small-celled elements, which wedge themselves in between the straight ascending vessels. This gives the tissue an adenoid appearance. Over these inflammatory infiltrations the sub-papillary tissue, the epithelium thinned out.

Two processes can noted in the papillae At one place the papillse are larger and broader, and approach nearer the surface, and the epithelial processes which originally separated them become thinner.

The papillse themselves become thicker, but less prominent finally, the papillae coalesce, and the granulum consists only a thin epithelial coating with inflammatory and infiltrated tissue lying As the tissue stretches the papillae become larger and broader the epithelial processes not write my report free disappear but they become thin and look like arcades supporting the epithelial layer. The epithelium over the granu lum changed also.

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The larger epithelial cells become smaller, the thin epithelial covering over the granula looks like granulation tissue, and can hardly distinguished from the structures lying beneath The vessels the subjacent tissues are turgid with blood, and are increased in number. The appearance follicle formation deceptive kolpitis granulans not follicularis, nor papillaris. There simply a subpapillary, or sub-epidermoidal inflammation, academic writing help center accompanied choosing a dissertation topic change in A similar state things prevails in the chronic form kolpitis granulans, in a case which occurred from the long-continued wearing a pessary. There were the same alterations, custom essay writing service toronto but the epithelium over the granular layer was less changed and thinned, and the tissue below contained comparatively writing my dissertation few thesis help services nuclei. The thickened stratum epithelium between the projections was pigmented, and a sepia color in its lower During the healing process the changes occur in the reverse order. As the swelling the sub-epithelial tissue and the inflammatory infiltration disappear, the epithelial processes grow larger and broader, until papillse and processes attain their original size. In simple kolpitis the surface the layer pavement epithelium is smooth, but irregularly thick in various places. Where thinner the papilla? are enlarged, and the tissue beneath shows a small-celled infiltration.

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The proliferation help paraphrasing confined the epithelial layer, and thus kolpitis edit my essay granulans only distinguished from kolpitis simplex the In the chronic form the proliferation small in amount, and there is pigmentation the lowest layers. Here again there no question of follicular or papillary kolpitis, nor erosions, ulcerations, etc.

In the vaginal inflammation old women there are seen larger or smaller confluent spots, which often project above the surface. There occur many transitional forms, from simple ecchymoses flat elevations, which often contain a central softened, eroded, or ulcerated defect. The color the spots never vivid buy a pre written research paper as in kolpitis granulans there are ten adhesions the vaginal walls, which, however, are easily broken through with the finger.

The entire someone to write my essay epithelial layer thinned out. The spots correspond circumscribed and often extensive and deep cellular infiltrations, which appear lie directly the surface. There no trace of epithelium. Leaving out the changes incidental old age, this corresponds in general the anatomy kolpitis granulans, save as the great tendency adhesion, and even obliteration the vagina. Eppinger has also made a series careful investigations into the patho logical anatomy vaginal affections, and describes as kolpitis miliaris and vesiculosa forms which belong here.