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Thus the greater part of the tension falls upon the more yielding posterior segment.

But in spite this there occur longitudinal ruptures the anterior wall, which may continued the vestibule, or more rarely, the nymphae.

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They may exceptional importance account the dangerous hemorrhage which may occur from the tearing tissues near the urethra and clitoris. They will considered elsewhere.

A narrow vulva, a rigid perineum, and a hindrance the descent the occiput will especially favor their occurrence. If the vaginal tube small, and the pains severe, longitudinal ruptures the vaginal mucosa may occur which may involve the entire length of the organ, and yet not invade the deeper strata. I myself saw in a peasant girl, who had just been delivered her first child under very insufficient care marketing writer in the country, and who desired become a wet-nurse, a fresh linear scar running from the posterior vaginal vault the commissura post. This buy college essay spontaneous cure was an excellent recommendation for her as wet-nurse, and she did her duty well.

In regard the orognosis vaginal ruptures, mba assignment writing services the following points are The hemorrhage. Complication with injuries neighboring organs. Infection. online custom writing services These will decide as the dangers life, as well as the possibility a restitutio integrum in case cure. In complicated injuries the latter will only exceptionally attained.

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Fistula rectum and bladder, deforming scars, atresias and stenoses, descents and fixations the uterus, are often left behind. Infection the greatest importance for the prognosis, since occasionally, and very especially in childbed, slight traumatic losses tissue may prove fatal.

For in addition the possibility in all vaginal rup tures the access septic material from without at the moment injury and later, have here two additional blog writing services packages dangers traumata during childbirth often cause extensive losses tissue from contusion, and the wound inevitably kept bathed in the decomposing help me write a essay lochial secretion.

The treatment may prophylactic in a certain number vaginal ruptures, mainly in those occurring sub partu. This presupposes that symptoms the approaching expert essay writers danger rupture are recognized which has been found possible in many cases.

Since spontaneous ruptures high in the vaginal vault occur under precisely similar conditions as do cervical ruptures, the prophylactic treatment the two are identical. When in cases disproportion between the pelvic entrance and the advancing head, that contraction the region the uterine tumor corresponding the internal over the child's head, which Bandl has custom college essays drawn attention, has formed, the vagina phd dissertation proposal itself will markedly stretched, and with the cervix, in danger rupture. But even when account an abnormal presentation, the constriction the orif. int. not plainly marked, or when the contraction the orif. has gone far that the cervix has safely passed write thesis the point greatest tension, the stretching the vagina essay helpers over the advancing part may yet show that there is And prophylaxis would here consist not only the avoidance all procedures which would increase the tension, and in the combating of very violent pains narcotics, but also in the relief tension operative procedure. In cases stenosis, the incisions which have already spoken are available prevent rupture.