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Have you all seen how fine Juan has been? he said those surrounding him. To-day has what is the best online essay writing service been As noticed the only woman in the patio and recognized her, showed no sort surprise.

You here, Sefiora Carmen ! That's right !. He spoke quietly, as if his habitual vinous somnolence and his natural stupidity prevented anything surprising him.

Have you seen Juan? went He lay down the ground in front the bull, under its very nose.

No one can what that Gacho does. You should and see him, for to-day splendid. Some one called him from the infirmary door his companion, the other picador, ished speak him before being taken away the hospital.

Adio, Sena Carmen. I must and see what the poor fellow wants.

A bad fracture, they say.

He will not able work again this season.

Carmen took refuge beneath the arcades she tried to close her eyes, not see the horrible spectacle in the courtyard, while at the same time she felt fascinated by The monos sabios led in the wounded horses, who were dragging their entrails along the ground.

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As she saw them, the head man in charge the stables bustled Now, lads, hurry up!. shouted the stable lads.

Gently!. Gently, there! A stable-boy went carefully the horse who was rearing with pain, and took the saddle off then he tied ropes round his four feet, drew them together and Now, fine fellow!. Gently, gently with him! shouted the man, never ceasing move his own The stable lads in their shirt sleeves, leant over the animal's ripped-up belly, from which were gushing streams blood and water, endeavouring put back handfuls the slippery entrails hanging out Others held the animal's reins, putting a foot its head keep the ground. Its muzzle twitched with pain, and its teeth rattled together with the anguish its torment, while its agonized squeals were smothered the pressure its head. The bloody hands the workers endeavoured replace the bowels in the empty cavity, but the gasping breathing the unfortunate animal constantly blew out again the entrails the men were best dissertation services pushing in like bundles. At last they were all pushed back into the stomach, and the lads with the quickness long habit sewed the sides the wound After the animal was mended with this barbarous promptitude, a pail water was thrown over its head, its legs were freed from the ropes, and a few kicks and blows with a stick made scramble its feet. Some only walked a few steps, falling down again, with torrents blood rushing from the re-opened wound. This meant mstantaneous death. Others stood apparently stronger, i need a ghostwriter from their custom term paper writing service buy a history research paper immense resources animal vitality, and the lads after mending them took them off the courtyard varnished. There their stomach and legs were cleansed several pailsful watef thrown over them, which left their white or chestnut coats bright and shining, while streams bloody water ran down their legs the ground.