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A more minute examination was But I possess more complete notes a second case, which Prof.

Epstein was good enough send for examination.

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I have also a schematic sketch the condition.

It appears to interesting enough reproduced. On February, Therese Eoth, years old, from Tiskow, near Prague, who had three weeks previously had fourth need help writing a thesis statement labor easily and quickly, brought her infant for examination. She had had twins the first, and triplets the third time. Immediately after birth the child had a rectal prolapse, and a tumor situated at the small the back was noticed. On the thesis only phd fifth day a tumor appeared at the genitals, and has remained there ever since.

The child was badly nourished, but at full term over the sacrum was a spina bifida sacralis with meningocele.

help with a research paper The pelvis was fissured, though there was no external cleft a yielding spot replaced the symphysis pubis, the arch being formed at most a ligamentous band.

Clitoris and labia majora and minora were normal the hymen formed a thin, gaping, ring-shaped border, especially low upon the left side. The urethral orifice was considerably dilated, and the smaller vesical mucous membrane projected out as a small tumor. Out the introitus protruded the portio vag. uteri, and there was a pronounced ectropian For the vaginal portion the collum was greatly lengthened a complete eversio vaginae was not present, but the organ was short and prolapsed.

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Bimanual palpation was practised with the little finger how to write my paper in the rectum after replacing the prolapse, and with the other hand applied the abdominal wall. By its aid, as also with best dissertation writing service the sound, I could satisfactorily decide that the uterine body stood at its usual height. The rectum formed the largest prolapse. The succeeding sketch shows the condition.

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Examination with the sound gave the following measurements Anterior vaginal wall from introitus arch. Especially remarkable was the relaxation and thinness the perineum and the muscular floor the pelvis. When the child cried they were bal Mc.sp, Meningocele spin, Lig. Symphyseos. Oriflc. urethras. Prolapsus vesicas, prol.c.ut, Prolapsus colli uteri, prol.rect, Prolapsus recti.