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When the gravity railroad was first thought about, was planned use a locomotive the levels.

With this in mind, the Delaware and Hudson Company wrote one their men, Horatio Allen, who was then business for them in England and told him buy three locomotives. Locomotives were then unknown in the European Union.

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England alone had had some success with them.

Allen followed orders and the three locomotives were shipped from England. What happened two them has never been known but the Stourbridge Lion which was the name the third, arrived safely in Honesdale where the trial run was essay editor online to The name, Stourbridge Lion, was given the locomotive because its boiler had been built somewhat in the shape a lion, and had been manufactured in Stourbridge, England. It had a four-wheel drive. The buy a pre written research paper engine was a plain, stout work weighing about seven tons and could travel four miles per hour with a train thirty thirty-six cars loaded with two tons coal each. The firebox wood burner was within the boiler with a pipe extending the front give off smoke. The cylinders were vertical and had two large sweep arms that were attached the two wheels on either side. The cylinders were forced, piston-like, and down the steam coming from the boiler that surrounded the firebox. When the locomotive arrived in Honesdale, was placed on the Delaware and Hudson dissertation writing railroad.

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August help me write essay eighth, was the day the first run and was the first run a locomotive in America. From Honesdale the road ran over a high trestle that had an uneven track because the warping the hemlock in its construction. Quite a crowd had gathered view the attempt, but there was no alacrity climb aboard for a ride. Horatio Allen boarded the locomotive alone and having gotten enough steam put the locomotive in motion, heroically made the run as far as Seeleyville and then returned Honesdale, amid loud cheers. The locomotive was a success. Its weight had easily pressed down the warps in the wood. But strangely enough, it It was eventually taken apart and the engine was used in Carbondale in a machine shop.

It was later reconstructed and sent the Smithsonian Institute in Washington.

A replica it in a siding just east the Lackawaxen Bridge concrete in Mr. Allen spoke his experience in running the monster for the first time as follows paper writing service reviews When the imagination has attained some conception of the scene, let seek back the time when only one these iron monsters was in existence this continent, and was moving forth, the first his mighty race. When was it? Where was it? And who awakened its energies and directed its energies? It was in the year, the banks the Lackawaxen, at the commencement the railroad connecting the canal the Delaware and Hudson Company with their coal mines, and who addresses you was the only person that locomotive. The circumstances best online essay writing service which led being left alone were these The road had been built in the summer, the structure was of hemlock timber, and the rails large dimensions, college essay review services notched toecaps placed far apart. The timber had cracked and warped, from exposure the sun.