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Cysts are especially considered, which shall later The pressure a cystocele can only averted by permanent retraction the bladder, as might occur if a vesico-vaginal fistula were present. The production such an abnormal orifice for this purpose has in point been successfully accomplished in one case Ely. In spite the greater certainty with need help with term paper which operate upon fistula? today, there this objection this method treatment, that the elimination vesical pressure, while the fistula present, does not ensure us against a return the cystocele when cured.

The pressure from Douglas's pouch upon the posterior vaginal wall may, when due circumscribed collections fluid, removed for a time vaginal puncture or incision.

If cystoma or dermoid cysts the ovary, or fibromyomata the uterus cause the protrusion, their removal laparotomy may remedy If the uterus and the vaginal vault are depressed hypertrophy the cervix, amputation the enlarged portion will relieve the condition and in cases where the supra vaginal portion hypertrophically elongated, amputatio colli, especially Hegar's method funnel-shaped excision, occasionally cures elevating the vaginal vault. I will refer the reader the operation for prolapsus uteri, and will only say that I have help me with a thesis statement once cured a case in this way.

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It immaterial whether consider the hypertrophic elongation as primary or secondary explain When the tension exercised a hypertrophied prolapsed vaginal fold causes increasing displacement, the ablation the mass will occasionally Sims does not object the excising a portion the wall the bladder together with a strip the anterior vaginal wall. But did not reach the bladder, and contented himself with the excision the vascular strata.

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He did not, however, state that intended exclude the pressure the cystocele permanent retraction the bladder. me as a essay service cheap writer essay Ely Madison Obst. April, , opened the cystocele incision, and put in a drainage tube which was attached a urinal.

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The patient was phthisical years old. Her urine, formerly ammoniacal, became normal, and her difficulties custom essay papers disappeared.

In weeks, the cystocele said have disappeared, and the urine flowed per urethrum.

After the drainage tube was removed, the fistula closed spontaneously. suffice. I once cured a case the extirpation an oval protrusion of the posterior vaginal wall, which was.

inches long and as thick as a It has been attempted effect vaginal constriction for the cure vaginal and uterine prolapsus operation, and bloodless methods. For the latter purpose cauterization and the ligature have been employed. Various cauterizing agents have been recommended but no one of them, not even the red-hot iron, has turned out trustworthy. Meding used nitrate silver Philipps nitric acid Dt'granger chloride zinc Langier, Evory Kennedy, Dieff enbach, ferrum candens. Longitudinal or ring-shaped cauterization cannot applied thoroughly enough form deep eschars, from the danger injuring peritoneum, bladder, or rectum. The resulting cicatricial contraction therefore insufficient, and the method has been abandoned in spite Dieffenbach's The tying the prolapsus tumor or the hypertrophied portion the vaginal wall was recommended Richter, and first successfully done Hedrich in a patient forty-four years old with an irreducible prolapse, the size a child's head. The mass the prolapse weighed one pound, and was removed in eighty-two hours without much bleeding or pain. Bellini has described a modification this process under the name kolpodesmorrhapia.