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On the following morning dissertation consultant uk the tumor had been spontaneously expelled.

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It was the size a man's help with dissertation writing fist, shaped like a pear, and the pedicle was as thick as the little finger. Its surface was bluish red, smooth and shiny in part, and in part furrowed.

It was very vascular.

Triitzl ligated the pedicle and the sixth day the tumor dropped off. It was fibrous in structure. The child I have been unable find Wilson's description a large vaginal polyp in a child two and a half years old. A.

Martin has latterly recorded the third instance.

The child was two days old, and at full term. The midwife had noticed at once a bright red growth the size a lentil projecting from the vagina. Martin found surrounded the rima pudendi, its surface reddened, and pulled it out with a dressing forceps. It was about an inch long, with slender pedicle inserted above the hymen, the left the mid-line at the level a fold the posterior columna rugarum.

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The pedicle was ligated as near its base as possible, and the polyp cut off. There was no hemorrhage, and the third day the ligature dropped. The child's general condition was not affected.

The polyp was very hard the touch, was covered with squamous epithelium and with papillae arranged like those the vagina. Glands were not discovered, but in the centre online good websites that write essays for you dissertation were numerous large blood-vessels, imbedded in firm, connective tissue. Muscular fibres were not detected. The symptoms depend the size, the early or late expulsion the tumor, and the complications. Usually, when small, fibromata the vagina are not recognized. Gradually they lead catarrhal secretion, cause dragging sensations, and as they increase in size, they produce dysuria, and finally retention urine. Tumors which project from the genitals, are not alone troublesome the traction they exert, but they are subject the same irritant good websites that write essays for you causes as prolapsus. They become swollen from venous stasis, and painful from ulceration and erosion the cheap term paper for sale surface. Van Uoeveren found a polyp weighing one and a half pounds inserted the anterior custom law essay vaginal wall, and obstructing labor in a primipara.