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A dose or two magnesium sulphate should be administered, and as soon as there any manifest desire for defecation an enema should at once given, as secure as easy and as soft a passage as possible. If bleeding occurs after an operation, best that should given an opportunity stop its own accord. This usually occurs, but should persist, hot vaginal douches may given, and doctoral dissertation help if these not control resort a vaginal tampon may necessary, even though spoil the operation.

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The tampon should only used as a last resort will Except in cases lacerated perineum where the sphincter is involved, or in cases recto-vaginal fistulse, the patient may be allowed anything eat or drink she may desire.

It just as well in these two injuries confine the diet such articles as will leave little residue, that there shall as small an amount fecal matter as possible.

It will not necessary to restrict the diet for more than four or five days. The stitches in plastic operations should removed the eighth or tenth day after which time nothing in the way treatment necessary, except see that the vaginal douche given daily and that the bodily functions act properly.

If a combined operation for the repair the cervix and perineum has been performed, great care ill have exercised in removing the stitches from the cervix, lest the union the perineal wound disturbed. For this reason the stitches in the cervix at the time operation should allowed remain long and should shotted. If this precaution observed in placing the sutures, will easy subsequently remove them making traction upon the long sutures, and thus bringing the cervix into view, requiring places to buy research papers a minimum amount stretching the perineum with the perineal retractor. The patient should placed a table in the dorsal position for their removal. If the same precaution observed in regard the placing the stitches in the perineum, no difficulty will met with in their removal.

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great the facility with which this can done that thesis development help even the nurse can trusted with the removal the perineal stitches. Should there much discharge from the parts, help with comparative essay a bichloride-of-mercury or a permanganate-of-potash douche may substituted for that boracic acid, and may given two or three times daily. This especially necessary in the after-treatment The after-treatment this operation very tedious, great care in regard details being necessary.

Once each half hour the nurse makes inspection the vulva, see that there no bleeding, and every two hours the catch of the catheter, which has been introduced into the bladder, released and the bladder evacuated. Forty-eight hours after the operation the patient put upon the table and the forceps removed. Each pair removed in the following way Undoing the catch the forceps, the operator sej arates the handles a distance which indicates that the points the instrument are a quarter an inch apart then, grasping each best professional cv writing services blade the forceps in the hands, a rocking motion from side side applied phd research proposal writing service at the same time that gentle traction made.

After loosening the forceps and before beginning withdraw them may well wait a few minutes before removing them, see whether bleeding takes place if the forceps are immediately closed again, the patient given a help with dissertations few drops chloroform, the vaginal packing removed, and the bleeding point sought for and seized forceps. The forceps having been removed, the write my report free bladder washed out with a saturated solution boracic acid and the self-retaining catheter withdrawn. The first dressing not removed before the help essays a week, and then taken away under chloroform narcosis. The vaginal dressing sterile gauze removed and renewed daily thereafter. Two days after the first dressing the patient allowed raised in bed, and sit in bed after the second dressing. At the time operating the cavity should not irrigated, lest pus washed beyond possibility of removal. It better depend upon swabbing away all discharges with sterile gauze.