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gives an anterior and a posterior view a preparation Vaginal wall below the atresia.

which opened as show the condition the vaginal walls above and below the atresia. The case was that a girl twenty-three years old, who was operated upon Professor Fritz, the occasion the meeting Deutscher Naturforscherversammlung at Prague, September, and professional research writers who died upon the same day. There no history nor record autopsy the preserved specimen research paper help sites appears as follows External genitals normal remains hymen dissertation help services small, and absent at the rear frenulum preserved vaginal entrance large. The lower part the vagina below the atresia stretches. inches posteriorly and the left, and two inches anteriorly and the right, measured from the posterior commissure.

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The mucosa everywhere well preserved, without scars the vaginal wall averages an inch in thickness. This lower portion the vagina closed from above a convex mass with smooth mucous membrane, which writing services for college papers bears some resemblance an enlarged portio vaginalis.

It formed how to buy a college essay the depressed and closed portion the vagina, and pierced towards its middle an angular opening, which leads into the anterior wall the upper and greatly dilated portion.

Above the atresia the vagina perfectly smooth, much dilated, and its walls are an inch thick. Its length about two inches. The collum also dilated the isthmus marked a constriction which can be seen externally and the internal large and prominent.

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Length of collum. inches.

Its mucous membrane shows the net-work an arbor vitas and over the body has been somewhat shrunken the spirit. The uterine wall at its thickest cervical part. an inch, in the body.

an inch in thickness.

The body cavity small as compared with the common cavity formed the collum and the upper segment the vagina. Uterus. inches long. inches broad between the opening the tubes, and. inches broad at the isthmus. The left tube much dilated, though not bent. inches from the ost.