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The rectum usually opens underneath the posterior bladder wall.

Ruge and Fleischer deny this, and look upon the tense cord in question as a continuation the urachus. I myself believe that an early rupture the urinary bladder thesis writers in delhi occurs in consequence urinary retention.

To Rose's objection, that cicatrices are absent, I would reply that they are not present because the abdominal walls are not yet closed, and are thus not injured.

Besides this I have several times seen children very shortly after birth, in whom the cord was quite normal, and yet a total inversion the bladder was present. There seems no reason why rupture the bladder from excessive distension during very early embryonal life, should not occur, as does in extra-uterine life, when there an impassable obstacle micturition, That urethral anomalies dispose fissure the bladder demonstrated the fact that in the male, where the urethra much longer, and therefore more likely suffer, vesical fissure much more common than in the female. Thus Stadtfeldt found, among cases vesico-umbilical fistula, in boys and only in girls.

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It interesting note that Dr. Wunder Altenburg, at the Zusammenkunft der osterliindischen Aerzte at Altenburg, presented two boys, aged respectively eight and eleven years, who both had inversio vesicas urinaria? congenita, and whose mothers were help in writing a thesis sisters.


The pelvic deformities which have alluded, the fissure and atrophy the symphysis, the congenital luxation both femora as Voss has seen them with eversio vesicas, all occur as consequences the same condition which causes the vesical fissure.

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The dilating bladder drives the horizontal rami the pubes apart the altered direction the pubic bone and its atrophy leads a lessening the acetabular circumference, and a less perfect coaptation between and the head the humerus.


Vesical fissure and fistula the urachus are malformations which indeed endanger embryonal life, but not always lead early death. Many these children are born alive, and they may even attain a considerable age.

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Lebert, in the Salpetriere at Paris, saw this deformity in an old woman. The red mucous membrane usually very sensitive to the touch in the newly-born and the urine may seen trickling cover letter writing service singapore from the mouths the ureters in its midst. The mucosa swells out as the intestines move about. If the opening small, the mucous membrane may become inverted, either through the urachus, inversio vesicas per urachum, or through the vesical opening, per fissurum. If the orifice very small, however, the trouble may subsist for years without inversion occurring, as did in Morgelin's case. If replace the prolapsed mucosa, and thus indirectly press upon the dilated ureters, the urine spurts out. Occasionally these persons can retain their urine a certain extent. That occurs when there umbilical hernia with the urachal fistula, and the posterior vesical mucous membrane pushed intestinal coils into the orifice the fistula, and closes for a time. Paget has described such a case, history essay writing service in which the hernial sac the goose's egg-sized rupture was formed the mucous membrane forming the posterior wall the fistula no urine could escape when the hernia was prolapsed. If the patient desired micturate, paraphrasing websites the hernial tumor receded as the first contractions the bladder took place, and as disappeared a fairly strong stream of urine came out the opening.