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Vaginitis Dysenterica. Klebs describes similar dysenteric changes as occur in chronic dysentery. Eppinger, later, examined twelve cases, and described the affection as a dysentery the vagina kolpitis dysenterica.

In all the cases there existed dysentery the large intestine, and the process was supposed extend into the vagina owing patency its orifice, or narrowness the perineum. The microscopic changes were most marked at the introitus, that to say, at the end the ant. and post, columna.

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Flat, or irregularly formed ulcers, or spots superficial necrosis with greatly injected base are found in various places. Loose, flocculent masses exudation are the ulcers. Spread out over the folds small yellowish spots are found which are partially adherent, and, again, may readily removed. Eppinger considers these spots as the beginning the disease, the Catarrhal stage, and in the further development they psychology dissertation topics change into necrotic patches, grayish-yellow in color, varying depth, with sharp hemorrhagic demarcation. Through partial shedding the slough there results loss substance, extensive ulcers, between which are islets custom note paper buy a research paper online cheap mucous membrane.

Microscopically, the patches are seen consist broken-down portions the epithelial layer. Between the patches are colonies micrococci in connection with similar ones in the sub-epithelial layer.

It regularly happens that large portions the epithelium in their entire thickness are lifted by these masses cocci, and there remain ulcerated patches entirely deprived epithelium, from the base which the denuded papilla? project, which are also covered with micrococci. In certain parts Eppinger was also able detect the extension the micrococci deeply down along the papilla?. These micrococci were not carefully examined culture experiments but Eppinger states that they were never grouped together in cylinders, but were irregularly distributed, and that they were larger and paler than septic cocci, single individuals possessing the power of Whilst the patches and the fast custom research methodology dissertation essay superficial erosions depended mycotic epithelial necrosis, the process appeared extend more deeply where the best dissertation circumscribed yellowish dry scabs existed. The structure was not recognizable, only the thrombosed vessels were prominent.

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At the line of demarcation the vessels were widened, and the tissue infiltrated with small cells.

The micrococci were only exceptionally found. In the stage of ulceration, in one marked case, the borders were formed overhanging epithelium the lower surface which was covered with a thin layer of pus in which projected stumps vessels, filled with coloring matter. Underneath online paper writing services the pus laj there was granulation tissue, and in places the suppuration extended into the depths. As regards the method infection, Eppinger concluded that the micrococci caused a loosening and a separation the epithelial layer, even as Bumm has latterly shown occurs in case gonococci, and that contac with the dysenteric dejecta caused extension the vaginal mucosa. In favor this view, the frequently observed patent vulva and site of Vaginitis Erysipelatosa. Eppinger has also described an erysipelatous inflammation the vagina On the body a woman thirty-five, who had died erysipelas the twelfth day the disease which began in the face, disappeared from there, and the tenth day, was seated the left thigh and hip, Eppinger found reddening custom writing and swelling the nympha?, especially the left side, where also the inner surface the labium jus, the epidermis formed bulke the size a bean. The mucous membrane the vagina, as far as the fornix, was swollen and reddened, and in places, wrinkled.