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Ruptures the middle and lower segments the vagina are always accessible, and can sutured if they are not situated behind stenosed areas. They can well exposed in the dorsal position, with the hips elevated, or the side, with the duck-billed speculum and depressor, aided sharp hooks. The sutures should mla paraphrasing begun at the posterior angle. Many operators employ carbolized silk, or catgut, which need not removed later. There no objection, however, wire sutures national junior honor society essay help they are removed in fourteen days, and though this may difficult can always accomplished. If the rupture situated behind a stenosed tract, and cannot seen, the hemorrhage writing services usa must stopped injections through the double catheter, or the introduction small pieces ice. If must use tampons, those iodoform gauze are the best.

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sesquichlor. occasionally useful, but should only employed after other methods have failed.

For the special considerations in regard ruptures at the vaginal entrance and perineum, must refer the reader the section upon diseases the external genitals. thrombus the vagina rare occurrence. In the recorded cases the affection there no distinction made between vaginal and vulvar haematomata.

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But hematoma the genitals in general very rare and Winckel, calculating the basis, births, says that there occurs only one in every cases.

Bidder and Sutugin found only one hematoma limited the vagina childbirths. In clinic in Prague there has been one case expert writing services hematoma vag.


Spath saw in two years at the clinic four cases of thrombus vag. deliveries. Wucher. They not differ in regard their mode origin from hsematoma the external genitals. Both probably occur but very rarely save in pregnancy, and then only in consequence thesis titles direct traumata. All the cases which I have a history were primiparae, and several them were old ones. The posterior Avail was usually affected, though sometimes help me write a research paper the tumor.was seated the anterior wall. Once only did I see the entire length the vagina The hyperplasia, loosening tissue, and vascularization which accompany pregnancy, furnish the predisposing causes.