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Yet cases marked stenoses this nature have been recorded, which, when deep-seated, have doubtless been referred duplexity the hymen. Thus Dr.

Murphy found in a young and newly-married woman a transverse membrane pierced a small opening above tli hymen, which divided account the trouble caused in menstruation and coitus. Hemmer saw a similar membrane at delivery. Extensive congenital strictures the vagina have been repeatedly seen with defective development the rest the genitals, though but rarely when these latter were in perfect condition. And in the latter cases we have not always satisfactory proof their congenital origin.

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Scanzoni tells a case saw, in which in a woman who had been eight years married and who had remained sterile, could barely introduce his little finger into the vagina, and coitus had never been properly accomplished.

Nevertheless, the women became pregnant without dilatation being done, and the delivery was a normal one. Beigel observed a case in which the vagina was stenosed such an extent that only paraphrasing sentences a uterine sound could passed The woman was twenty three years old, and extremely delicate she had menstruated regularly though scantily since her eighteenth i need help with writing a research paper year, had been three years married, and consulted Beigel for her sterility. The breasts were well developed but the external genitals and the pubis were unusually small. The hymen appears to have been absent, since only remarked that the vestibule formed a small, mussel-shaped depression.

Kectal research essay help examination revealed a small but otherwise normal uterus. The walls the vagina were unusually hard and thick and Beigel regarded this condition as the cause the stenosis.

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Attempts at dilatation with compressed sponge and laminaria paraphrasing website were fruitless.

The same observer saw a sterile woman who had been married ten years, having menstruated irregularly since her fifteenth year, and never having had any disease the genital apparatus, in whom there was a thick-walled stenosis the upper third the vagina. When the vaginal canal double, an irregularity in calibre has often been noticed, without need help write my paper there being any extra dilatation upon the other side. Veit claims that with this condition and with a single uterus, sometimes only that half the vagina used for coitus which not connected with the portio vag. We must cautious in declaring blind canals in the mucous membrane, though they may occasionally large enough admit the little finger, rudimentary vagina?.

They usually lie just behind the vaginal entrance at one side the columna rug. post. and are placed along the mucous membrane, or in the peri vaginal connective tissue. They are often only unusually large and long lacunae the mucous membrane, and are characterized their location, their smooth surfaces and thin walls, and the fact that their axis often a different one from that of the vagina. In two cases this kind, which I have observed, these canals were. inches long into one I could pass a thick sound, and into the other little finger. chemistry assignment writing service Both were upon the left side the narrower one was in a normally menstruating old maid, with perfect genitals, and caused occasional trouble retention secretion and I slit it the wider one was in a case far advanced in pregnancy, with great The diagnosis congenital vaginal stenosis usually presents no especial difficulties can recognized sight in the hymenal form, and with the finger when seated higher The decision as its being congenital depends upon the factors already considered essay service review under the head atresia, and sometimes very difficult make.