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Schafer In, Diss. Giessen, believes that under normal conditions urination, there a constant though small absorption water the walls the bladder and believes that has proved this finding that after the production a vesical fistula in animals, the urinary secretion was increased . On the other hand Susini injected solutions of iodide potassium and infusion belladonna into his own bladder, but was unable either detect the former in the sputum, or appreciate any physiological action from the latter, even after several hours retention. The results obtained Allen agree with this, as the experimental conclusions Dubelt concerning the origin vesical catarrh.

It seems hardly doubted that while the urethral mucous membrane readily absorbs when in its normal state, the vesical mucous membrane with uninjured epithelium does not absorb substances like strychnine, morphine, atropine, and iodide potassium, save when its epithelium has been injured or diseased.

Cazenave and Lepine, the other hand, found that not only the normal constituents the urine, but uric and phosphoric acids, were absorbed and Landau could, after the injection De l'impermeabilite ldpithelium vesicale.

These Strasbourg.

£ one per cent, solution iodide potassium and chloride lithium in two cases, demonstrate iodine once in the sputum, and prove the absorption lithium once spectral-analysis. There exists considerable variety opinion as the method closure the bladder.

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Rosenthal and von Wittich no longer regard the sphincter vesicas so-called as a muscle which kept the nervous system in a tonic state contraction they look upon as intended completely empty the urethra urine.

It assumed the other hand, that the ring elastic fibres prevents the outflow the urine through the urethra, but that as soon as the tension the bladder wall, from the contained urine, overcomes the elasticity these parts, a drop urine attains the urethra, the desire empty the bladder set and the act now occurs voluntarily. i need to write an essay about myself But the cases healed urethro-vesico-vaginal fistula, when the neck the bladder and the essay on helping others upper part the urethra have been destroyed, and when the lower portion the canal has sufficed retain the urine, shows that the muscular tissue the urethra sufficient, of itself, prevent an involuntary outflow.

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The bladder, when empty, lies against the symphysis pubis, projecting somewhat above its highest point.

Its wall about £ inch thick, and its shape according Fiirst such, that a short portion inch is vertical, a longer portion inch arched from the symphysis, and a portion half an inch. in length stretches write my summary for me the level the internal uteri. The form the cavity therefore, that a narrow slit with paraphrasing mla three processes, which the anterior the longest.

According Schultze, the form the empt bladder is slightly different. The anterior vaginal Avail attached the lower posterior one the bladder and where this ends, begins the attachment the bladder cheap write my essay the anterior uterine wall, which reaches to the point where the peritoneum reflected from the uterus the bladder, or a little beyond the height the internum. The posterior vesical wall, when the organ empty, forms a sharp angle at the point where the vaginal attachment merges into the uterine attachment that if imagine the woman standing upright, the lower wall the bladder will attached the vagina, and the upper wall to the uterus. When the bladder moderately full, that i need help writing my narrative essay raissd but a little above the entrance the pelvis, Hasse, the sinking the posterior vesical wall, which Kohlrausch has drawn attention, well seen. This same drawing effectively demonstrates the flattening the bladder the uterus, and the manner in which the bladder, with the round ligaments, and the peritoneal covering, holds the uterus in place. Berry Hart has lately affirmed that the normal empty female bladder shows an oval figure median section, and forms with the urethra a more or less extended canal its vault therefore convex. The arrangement the muscular tissue would favor this idea. means for the exact exploration the female urethra and bladder, have been much improved in recent times. Formerly had to content ourselves with the inspection the mouth the urethra and the anterior vaginal wall, and could only use touch and sight in the diagnosis abnormal conditions the bladder wall in those cases in which traumatism exposed its surface and were in other cases confined the use metallic catheters and sounds.