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But before the surfaces are united the entire surface of the wound must wiped, and washed with research paper online help cold water remove coagula and other foreign bodies from between the surfaces united.

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When the stitches are tied, union may occur transversely, or longitudinally or obliquely.

The first the best, causing the least tension. Simon rightly always united the edges in the direction the longest diameter the buy cheap essay online fistula. Triangular fistulas, whose base at the urethra whilst their apex at the uteri, and large square openings even closed thus and thus, and cured them. He regards as a disadvantage Bozeman s method that from the. lateral tension upon the vagina the fistula had always help with comparative essay personal letter writing services united transversely. In deep-seated fistula?, and such as cannot easily dragged down, is not easy tie the knot a silken suture, and the thread very liable The Scars the two Fistula with Atresia the write my history essay for me Urethra. break in the operation. This cannot occur with wire.

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Bozeman lays a leaden plate upon the wound before twisting the sutures, and presses this plate against its edges the wires. He then passes the wire through split shot. The whole proceeding too complicated find general acceptance, nor does ensure any better results than a simple knot in silk sutures, or twisting wire sutures directly over the wound.

Bozeman uses very thick wire, and places his sutures an inch apart.

After all the sutures are tied, and their ends cut off short, the bladder should emptied with the catheter and washed out with a weak solution salicylic acid. This enables decide if our anion perfect, or if any fluid still exudes.

A neglect this precaution has necessitated Simon himself repeating the operation more than once. The after-treatment has been greatly simplified Simon.

The patients are allowed urinate at will, and can get at once if they feel strong enough On the fourth or fifth day, if silk sutures have been used, otherwise later, the stitches are removed. The catheter only employed when the patients cannot micturate spontaneously. Bozeman the other hand leaves writing help an elastic catheter permanently in the bladder, washes out several times daily, and gives large doses opium. My own experience decidedly in favor Simon's simpler plan. A and Superficial and Deep Vesicouterovaginal Fistul-e. After Hegar. Vaginal injections are only necessary if there any foul-smelling secretion.