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This case is the only one in which this method was followed success, and of such interest that I will record It concerns a slightly-built woman twenty-three, tubercular parentage, who at her first delivery suffered a large rupture in the vagina following artificial removal the after-birth.

The unfortunate accoucheur inserted his hand through the laceration into the abdominal cavity, and thinking that had grasped the placenta, pulled down a coil intestine, removed and did not recognize his error sixteen hours thereafter the placenta was spontaneously expelled.


Winterweber saw the.

patient one dissertation editing hour afterwards, and found the abdomen swollen and tender, the temperature elevated and a pulse.

Between the professional business letter writing services thighs lay a long piece the small intestine, about two and a half feet and reaching the knees.

Custom writing research paper

The intestine was separated from the mesentery, dark-red in color, in places black, and filled with gas lab report writing help and fluid. In the posterior cul-de-sac found a transverse laceration. Rest in bed, ice, morphine, and antiseptic cloths over the intestine, kept the patient in good general condition, and the fifth day the intestine separated.

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At the end four weeks the patient left her bed, but she did not improve in health, and she complained constant hunger.

The constant passage grumous brown intestinal contents from the opening in the vagina, which caused severe excoriation marketing writer the skin and the external genitals, impelled Winterweber send the patient the surgical clinic at Heidelberg, which was then in owl paraphrasing charge.

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He found extreme emaciation, no fever, constant cheap essay writer service appetite, and all the functions, except the rectal, in order. The fasces were passed from time time customized essay writing from the reddened and sensitive vagina.

None were passed the anus, and the patient never had the desire to stool. Only the excoriated skhi and mucous membrane were painful. The patient disseminated a faeculent odor. In the posterior vaginal cul-de-sac, the right there were two separate intestinal openings, the one a trifle above the other. The anterior median one alone gave exit the intestinal contents. The sound entered the left and upwards, and into the other the right and upwards. The essay writing service law intestinal mucous membrane was prolapsed through Weber endeavored convert the anus prseternat. into a fistula ster coral. and after thorough cleansing the parts, passed the blades of a modified Dupuytren's scissors into both openings the extent about one and a half inches, and clamped the spur between them. On the third day the first natural passage since the delivery occurred. At the end six days the instrument was removed, and there remained but one opening the intestine into the vagina. 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