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Its vessels were markedly injected, and at the fundus was a space the size of a hand, showing several larger and smaller losses substance, which were covered with a thick, custom writing services uk gelatinous substance an ammoniacal odor. And all this was after the bladder had been emptied with the catheter shortly before death.

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It easy understand how, with this er-distended bladder, any pressure caused an access bearing-down pains, or an attempt empty the rectum, these thinned-out places might give way, and rupture the bladder occur. Krukenberg has demonstrated that with long-continued urinary retention, the termination in rupture the commoner. In addition the above-mentioned cases van Doeveren and Lynn, has collected one Hunter, Naumburg, Saxtorph, Moreau, and Southey, actual vesical rupture.

Since the publication the first edition this work, note in addition a case Schwartz, and one Krukenberg. Vesical rupture during labor has been mentioned, but I know no case the kind. They may possibly occur, but as a rule they are contusions and tears rather academic writing services than ruptures.

Anatomy. In Doeveren's case the urinary bladder was found ruptured and the entire abdominal cavity filled with urine. doctor found pints urine in the abdomen the bladder, torn at the fundus, hung relaxed in the belly the edges the wound were gangrenous.

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Naumburg found an abscess with a fistulous internal opening in the anterior bladder Avail, and a small round perforation in the posterior wall.

Saxtorph found the posterior vesical wall torn.

In Moreau case the bladder was Centralblatt fur Gynakologie. attached the omentum, and showed a gangrenous spot and perforation.

Southey found two gangrenous copy writing services holes in the bladder, the lower one opening into the vagina, near the vesical neck, while the upper one led a cavity between bladder and uterus, which was formed extensive adhesions between uterus, caecum, small intestine, and sigmoid flexure.

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Schwartz's patient had pints brownish-red fluid in the abdominal cavity there was a rupture. inch long in the posterior bladder wall. A similar condition things was found in Hunter's case. Finally Krukenberg saw the space between the abdominal wall and the anterior surface the academic writing service uk bladder filled with a tissue infiltrated buy mba thesis with pus. The pelvic entrance was occupied the lower coils the jejunum and the upper ones the ilium and two these coils were adherent, with mesentery, the edges a defect in the bladder wall as large as the palm one's hand, which they closed. In this case remarked that days after the reposition the displaced pregnant uterus, a gangrenous membrane line thick and weighing grains was east off, which distinctly showed an inner and a peritoneal surface. On the mucous surface were amorphous masses urates and ammonio-magnesic phosphates. Even the anterior wall the bladder may suffer rupture and adhesions neighboring i need help writing my college essay organs not infrequently encapsulate the effused urine. But the posterior median portion the thinnest part the viscus, and hence the most prone give way.