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E. Miiller. See dissertations writing service ante. The lumen the hladcler was entirely thesis writing services filled a fist-sized, writing the thesis round, pedicled tumor, which was attached the upper inner vesical wall.

Its color was grayish-yellow, its surface smooth though cleft in places.

Its pedicle was an inch in breadth. an inch in thickness, and.

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an inch cheap paper writing services long.

The bladder wall was £th an inch thick, and the muscle bundles were greatly hypertrophied.

The tumor consisted chiefly a sparse connective tissue with spindle cells, and containing large bundles smooth dissertation writing consultant muscle.

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In many softer places were collections epithelial cell-nests, diffuse cell infiltrations being present only to a small extent.

Uterus, tubes and ovaries were normal. Of the history The cases primary top custom essays carcinoma which I have observed have been de .

Fungating Carcinoma Bladder. Demme. scribed Dr. Bode. See ante. The only case upon which I had to operate occurred buy a paper in a woman fifty-six years old and after a partial removal the tumor, grew very rapidly and extended into the urethra. The patient died seven weeks after the operation. The necropsy showed an apple-sized spongy tumor, which included all the layers the bladder. The urethra also was infiltrated. Another, still rarer, case one secondary vesical carcinoma, after primary urethral cancer, I have shown in Addendum.