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That's easily remedied, said his sitter. Just give a pen and paper.

George handed him the quill and a sheet paper, and website that writes research papers hastily Van Brunt wrote a note, which handed Healy, The bold lieutenant would have laughed had seen the manner in which his young friend carried out his advice. George Healy was still very shy. Like all Bostonians had heard a great deal about the noted Otis family the able statesman, lawyer, and mayor Boston and his gracious and distinguished wife, whose invitations were always eagerly sought. The younger Mrs. Otis, a widow with two boys, was a social leader, her receptions the nearest mla paraphrasing thing a French salon, Van Brunt told Healy. The next day went Mrs.

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Otis house, but turned back without even going the steps Beacon Street.

The following day he tried again, and this time, just as reached the top step, the door was opened a maid.

With all the dignity could muster, young Healy said, Please tell Mrs.

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Otis that a gentleman wishes The lady the house heard and saw and, amused, literature review dissertation came What can I for you, young man? she asked, leading the way into the house. research paper online help Healy, flustered, blurted out Madam! I want paint a beautiful woman.

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Will you sit Throwing back her head, laughing, Mrs. Otis heard the youth exclaim Oh! That's the way I want paint you! Amused, the charming Mrs. Otis questioned the young artist, extracting much his story and hopes. The note introduction from Van Brunt remained in Healy's pocket unpresented, forgotten.

The next day Mrs.

Otis was at Healy's painting room. Curious see if really had talent, she looked about the room. There was a portrait his mother, an unfinished sketch his sister, as well as others local people, some in the form sketches, Exclaiming at the charm Healy's portrait his mother, without more ado the Boston belle walked the armchair on the model's personal statement essay help table and seated herself. And, hardly a year after had hung his sign, chance favored the artist, and This first portrait Mrs. Otis, painted buy a bachelor thesis in the fearless audacity inexperience, brought a stream commissions. No longer could Healy complain that only men visited his painting pay for essay cheap room. And as the friends Mrs.