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Heitzmann gives an excellent description the specular appearances.

The peculiarities the soft chancre states the following Sharply reddened, slightly elevated borders, book editing services sinuated and uneven base, and speckled purulent layer. The peculiarities these ulcers in the vagina are the destructive process extends more the surface than in the depths, whence the shallow base, great tendency unite with others, and hence there results an extensive ulceration surface with sinuous indented edges, the surface being covered with profuse secretion and necrosed masses.

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In this locality their progress slow. The usual seat the chancre at the introitus in the vagina, almost always found in the anterior third and most frequently in the anterior essay writer cheap wall.

Exceptionally, Heitzmann found in the posterior fornix, whence had extended the posterior lip. In healing, the slough separates from the borders and is shed after profuse suppuration the epithelium regenerated from the periphery towards the centre. When the process has not extended deeply, no cicatrix remains, and when one does, pale, smooth, shiny.

Hard chancres, according Heitzmann, are ordinarily found at the introitus, next the posterior commissure.

He was never able detect characteristic induration higher Secondary syphilitic changes are relatively more frequent, although, as regards the vagina, there are but few recorded instances. Heitzmann describes erythema syphilitica, and also a form analagous psoriasis, and the mucous papules broad condylomata. In case erythema there exists a more or less circumscribed catarrhal inflammation peculiar nature and course.

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At first the mucous membrane only diffusely write my college paper for me reddened, withVol. out marked swelling soon at certain portions a more intense redness online proofreading test appears. Ordinarily the anterior third the vagina the seat such circular erythema. At the same time a similar change sometimes seen the cervix. These reddened portions, in certain instances a few small, separate spots, are very sensitive and vulnerable, slight touch causing Either the erythema disappears in a short time days spontaneously, or else a peculiar cloudiness affects the diseased portions, editing service or finally papules form the erythematous base. The erythema recurs rapidly, and the secretion not purulent like that gonorrhea, but more watery and milky complication with virulent catarrh however, met with. With regeneration the epithelium, young fungous epithelial cells are sometimes formed, which, arranged in thick layers, cause the red spots look white and opaque, as though they had beeu touched with lunar caustic. The process, according Heitzmann, analogous to psoriasis linguge and psoriasis cut. only that, in consequence the bathing the parts the increased secretion, the upper layers not become dry, and therefore no desquamation noticeable. Of French authors Courty speaks changes which belong here. Especially under the influence syphilis, see in the vagina particularly the cervix circumscribed, round, coin-like thickenings college research paper help the epithelium, which look like drops wax, and which are differentiated their pale white color from the red surrounding parts. These are a species of psoriasis, plaques, which are surrounded a red surface, occasionally ulcerate, yield specific agents, and yet may remain unchanged for a long time. In other instances they increase in thickness and consistency, and form either broad condylomata, or else small hard elevations.