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This has long been the custom in the Dresden Institute, and I ascribe the extreme rarity puerperal vesical catarrh there. I think would well if the same thing were done in private practice, and each patient required buy a new instrument for herself.

If, however, hyperemia or cystitis has professional thesis writing service set in, experience after many years that, whether in full-grown women or in little children, the local treatment the most importance.

I always begin washing out the bladder with lukewarm water or linseed decoction or lime water and one these I often add salicylic acid, of boracic acid. The fluid must at blood heat, and best applied by means thesis binding a Hegar funnel, which should not held too high An elastic catheter attached the tube and introduced into the bladder. The fluid permitted remain in the viscus a few minutes, and then withdrawn sinking the funnel. The amount used varies with the patient's age and the size the bladder from one two pints should online research paper writers thrown in, and the injections are repeated times daily.

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This may kept for weeks. When appears no service, I have recourse solutions nitrate silver, best website to buy essays or tannin, to grains i ounces.

I have never been tempted try the various other injections which have been recommended, since I have always obtained the desired result the above means. I order rest, in bed if there much tenderness, warm abdominal applications, and a simple fluid diet milk, tea, yolk egg, bouillon, and lean meat rectal injections, and the cathartics above recommended, may used regulate the bowels. I have never used balsam copaiva in these cases, and I think can well without Nor have I tried bromide potassium, lately recommended Meinhard for cysto-blenorrhcea. But I can recommend the continuous use chlorate potash in tablespoonful doses to times a day.

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A somewhat different method local treatment was recommended Braxton-Hicks two years ago.

During the acute stage first washes out the bladder with two pints fluid best essay writing company composed two drops hydrochloric acid the ounce water.

Then injects a solution morphine, which retained as long as possible. Two repetitions, says, are enough. If the urine acid, mild carbonate soda solutions are injected twice daily. After the acute symptoms have passed off, tannin or solutions drops liquor ferri sesquichlorati drachms water buy college term papers are injected. For chronic vesical catarrh uses nitrate silver and liquor essay writing services review ferri times as strong as used during the acute stage. He applies this same irritating treatment the urethra also, as a means counter-irritation, introducing writer essay sounds coated with nitrate silver or tannin-covered elastic bougies. He also recom mends dilatation the urethra and pencilling its mucous membrane with a solution sulphate iron. Lemaistrc-Florian claims have cured chronic cystitis in twent one days means solutions sodium chloride and increasing, given three times daily for twenty-five minutes. It was formerly the custom to draw blood locally means leeches and wet cups. Barnes, Parrisch, Teale, Gardner, Davidson, and many others have latterly praised rapid urethral cheap essay help online dilatation as one our most important weapons for fighting It great importance in the treatment these cases, not let the urine remain stagnant in the bladder for any length time, but have emptied regularly and completely, if necessary, with the catheter.