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They should passed at distances of After the operation finished the new closed reservoir must tested means injections through the urethra.

Everything else be carried out exactly as in vesico vaginal fistulae. If union incomplete, pregnancy may ensue even though the opening very small. As a rule the product conception not carried term may make its way into the bladder, enlarging the orifice, pass oiit the vagina.

Cases Boubaix, Lane, and the author.

If there be extensive cicatricial stenosis the vagina, the operation should done below the scars.

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In a case in which there was a cherry-sized fistula in the right vaginal vault, Simon obliterated the vagina obliquely, that the vagina retained its full length, and only i need help writing my college essay half its vault was closed term papers writers off In another case kolpokleisis at the level best custom essays the urethra the same operator the website that writes essays for you later loosened the posterior vaginal wall from the waU the rectum, and, covering the latter with a flap, lengthened the vagina an inch.

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Both operations how to buy an essay paper are no means devoid danger.

In the first one Douglas's pouch may opened and in the second injury the rectum and re-establishment the incontinence may easily occur.

And the result attained but a small one.

We have already top 10 dissertation writing services mentioned the fact pages, that calculus formation not infrequently seen after transverse obliteration.

Tuefferd has recently recorded a very interesting case this kind.

The patient had formerly been delivered Cassarian section. Kolpokleisis was done for vesico-vaginal fistula.

For a time she menstruated through the lower edge the scar, thus having a vesico-vaginal and an external vesical fistula. Then she fell sick cystitis, and several large vesical calculi were detected. Tuefferd opened the vagina and extracted a stone inches in length and weighing G grains. The patient died nevertheless. We are not yet in a position fully decide upon the merits the method transverse obliteration. And although very recently Breisky and also Schede, have successfully performed in cases ureterovaginal fistula not suitable for direct union, its applicability restricted We may mention here that in the worst cases vesico-vaginal fistula, when recovery was impossible, has been proposed transplant the Oblique Closure the Right Vaginal Vault. After Simon. The anterior wall the vagina removed the line union. The clotted line around the vaginal part, and the dotted circle around the fistula. ureters into the rectum. This has been done, as have before mentioned, in cases eversion the bladder Jules Simon but the attempt fraught with danger, and not recommended.